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The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the governance and management of the Network and must act in accordance with BioFuelNet’s bylaws, Funding Agreement, Network Agreement and Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE) Program Guide. It is responsible for the articulation (and/or safeguarding) of the organizational mission and defining the outputs and outcomes it seeks.

The Board is responsible for long-term planning and direction. It defines the organizational culture, values, operating principles, and parameters within which it expects the Scientific Director to manage BFN’s operations. The Board focuses on strategic leadership rather than administrative detail, and on important policy rather than operational matters.

The Directors reflect the interests and concerns of the various stakeholders involved in the Network. NCE requirements state there must be a minimum of 12 voting Directors, a majority of whom shall be from the private or industrial sector, and one third of whom shall be independent.

The Board is approved by BioFuelNet Network Members (the 25 universities).

Composition of the Board of Directors

Carl Carson – Director of Research and Technology, Rolls Royce

Esteban Chornet – CTO, Enerkem

Goretty Dias – Assistant Professor, Waterloo University

Kim Douglas – Senior Program Manager, NCE (non-voting)

Anne Drost – Partner, Fasken Martineau (Vice-chair of the Board)

Rose Goldstein – Vice-Principal, Research and International Relations, McGill University

Dave Harwood – Senior Research Manager, Du Pont/Pioneer

Katie Lafferty – Executive Director, Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery

Jorin Mamen – Network Manager, BioFuelNet (non-voting, Secretary)

France Rochette  – New Business Development Manager, Dupont Canada

Doug Singbeil – Principal Scientist, FPInnovations

Don Smith – Scientific Director and CEO, BioFuelNet

Christopher Standlee – Executive Vice President for Global Affairs, Abengoa Bioenergy

Thierry Vandal – CEO and President, Hydro Quebec (Chairman of the Board)

Robert Zittrer – Partner, RSM Richter Chamberland



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