BFN & Biotech Annecto Event Popup


If you’re a researcher or a HQP who is funded by BFN, please make sure to mention us whenever you are speaking about your research, whether it be with other scientists, government, industry, and especially when speaking with the media.

A few general guidelines:

  • Please include BFN’s logo in your presentations and posters, and mention your research is funded by BFN.
  • If you are speaking to media about your research, explain what is BFN and its importance in supporting and coordinating advanced biofuels research in Canada.
  • Mention BFN and your research funding in any publications about your research
  • If you are planning any graphic design using BFN’s name and logo, please see the BFN branding guidelines, and contact us.

The more we spread the word, the more advanced biofuels will get the attention they deserve!

Here is the BFN logo for download (horizontal and vertical logos in jpeg):

BFN LOGO Horizontal