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The Research Management Committee

The function of the Research Management Committee is described by the Network of Centres of Excellence Program Guide as follows:

The management of the NCE‐Network’s research or knowledge mobilization projects requires ongoing assessment of all activities and provide recommendations to the Board on priorities and budget allocations. This function should be carried out by a committee usually chaired by the Network Lead and is composed of experts from the Network as well as the user sectors, namely industry, government and any other groups deemed necessary by the Governing Board. The membership of this committee should reflect the multisectoral and multidisciplinary nature of the Network.

The committee reviews proposals, monitors the progress of the Network funded projects, and makes recommendations to the Board on the activities, budget allocations, and the addition of activities or personnel involved in the Network.

BioFuelNet has adopted the following makeup for the initial Research Management Committee:

  • 40% Academic Network Investigators self‐elected from the 12 member Platform and Theme leader pool
  • 40% Independent representatives from industry, government and academics from outside the network
  • 20% BioFuelNet administration

Composition of the Research Management Committee

David Bressler – Associate Professor, University of Alberta

Shi-You Ding – Michigan State University

Henry Ling, Scientific Coordinator, Mitacs

John Marrone – Executive Director, BioFuelNet Canada

Warren Mabee – Assistant Professor, Queen’s University

Pierre Paffenhoff – Manager, Virtual Incubator TM & Funding Applications, SDTC

Arthur Ragauskas, University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge Laboratories

Ziyad Rahme – Vice-President of Partnerships, SDTC

Priyank Saxena, Solar Turbines, Inc. (expert witness to the RMC)

Donald Smith – Scientific Director and CEO, BioFuelNet

Kevin Vessey –  Professor, Department of Biology, Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, Saint Mary’s University