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Advanced Biofuels Course – Special Edition


BioFuelNet Canada, a national research network hosted by McGill University, is offering an online certificate course on advanced biofuels. This is a special edition for industry members who would like to complete a professional training.  Students are also welcome to participate with a discounted price* This course is a basic overview of biofuels feedstocks, conversion technologies, combustion/emissions, as well as sustainability and aspects of commercialization and policy. The course features 14 lectures, organized into 4 modules by top biofuels researchers and experts in different aspects of the biofuels sector. The course will provide participants with a global understanding of the highly multidisciplinary biofuels sector and insight into the biofuels industry as well as the current challenges and opportunities.

*Students are eligible for a discounted price when they have provided a proof of attendance at a University, please contact us here for this promotion.


  • Receive valuable training in an emerging sector – the advanced biofuels and the bioeconomy.
  • Receive a certificate of attendance corresponding to 2-4 hours per module online or 8 hours per day for in-person training (2 modules per day).



The online Advanced Biofuels Course is designed to fit busy schedules. Lectures are recorded videos (on average 60 minutes each). The online course is a series of videos hosted on MyCourses, McGill University’s online learning management system. Choose your module(s) and decide when you watch the videos! There is a total of 14 lectures total of ~ 60-min each and some complementary capsules and reading material.

Dates & times

All 14 hours of classes are available at the Member’s discretion until 30.06.2017.


To obtain a certificate of attendance, you must watch the required hours* of the online lectures within the module(s) you chose. It is optional for the participant to write a final assignment on a topic related to biofuels of their choice (700-900 words). The best articles will be posted on BioFuelNet’s Biofueled blogA certificate will be mailed to each participant after completion of the course.

*required hours are the hours for which you paid


  • Industry price: $249 + tax per module (4 modules available). All 4 modules: $899 + tax (total of 14 hours)
  • Student price: $150 for 4 modules (please contact us with student status proof before registering)


For more information about registering for the course, contact Please enable JavaScript


Testimonials from past participants

“I decided to take this class while I became involved in Biofuels pricing for one of my client. I had a very basic understanding of biofuels, but each time I was reading the press/article, I felt I was missing out due to my lack of an academic/engineer background. The ABC class overcame my expectations: not only it provided me with the basic technical understanding I felt I was missing, but with an overall education encompassing the full Biofuels supply and value chain.” – Maryline Vuillerod, ArgusMedia

“This is an excellent overview of the Biofuels industry covering the different types of feedstocks, the potential GHG emissions that could be saved through using biofuels, how business & industry are developing biofuels & biorefineries. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve their knowledge of Biofuels industry.” – Anonymous

“This course really enlightened me and expanded the little knowledge I had on biofuels. Most importantly, it made me change my negative perception of biofuels. Not all biofuels are to be pointed at. If properly designed and scaled, biofuels have the potential to take over the world, in a good way of course.” – Anonymous

“I found the ABC very interesting with lots of great information. I enjoyed the online conversations and exchange of ideas with fellow students.” – Anonymous

“The biofuels course provided me with a overall appreciation for all the different aspects associated with biofuel production. I would recommend it to anyone who has a passion for sustainable energy.” – Anonymous

“The lectures completement each other very well and allow one to explore every aspect of the immense complexity of this emergent field. But even more impressive, in my humble opinion, is the diversity of the participants. On the forum, I interacted with people ranging from graduate students from social sciences to corporate executives. With a new question every week, this made for very interesting answers and rich debates! Chances are I’ll never have the opportunity to discuss with such a party in the future. If you’re interesting in learning from both revered experts, young researchers and workers on the ground, this course is for you!” – Anonymous