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Long-form Agenda: ABS 2016

July 6th: Welcome cocktail and poster session 5:00 pm-8:00 pm (official welcome at 5:30 pm)

July 7th, 2016 (Day 1)

Plenary: 8:30-10:15

Keynote speech: Dr. Andre Faaij, Academic Director, Energy Academy of Europe / University of Groningen

Thematic plenary session and panel: Biofuels in a climate of change
Chair: Dr. Donald L. Smith, President & CEO, BioFuelNet

  • Ian Thomson, Partner, Waterfall Group
  • Yuan-Sheng Yu, Analyst, Alternative Fuels Intelligence, Lux Research
  • Dr. Andre Faaij, Academic Director Energy Academy of Europe

Coffee: 10:15-10:45

Breakouts: 10:45 am-12:00 pm

Room AB: The sky is green  (Aviation Task Force)
Chair: Dr. Murray Thomson, Professor in the Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto

  • Fred Ghatala, Partner, Waterfall Group
  • Dr. Susan Van Dyk, Post-doctoral fellow, University of British Columbia
  • Misha Valk, Head of Business Development, SkyNRG
  • Dr. Warren Mabee, Canada Research Chair in Renewable Energy Development and Implementation, Queen’s University

Room D: Mobilizing forest biomass for biofuels (Forestry Task Force)
Chairs: Dr. Evelyne Thiffault, Professor, Wood and Forest Science Department, Université Laval; and Dr. Julie Barrette, Postdoctoral Fellow, Université Laval

Speakers (discussion/roundtable):

  • François Zasieczny, Ph.D candidate, École Polytechnique
  • Peter Milley, PhD Candidate, Queen’s University
  • Dr. Benoit Delcroix, Postdoctoral Fellow, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
  • Dr. Mahmood Edabian, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia
  • Mathieu Béland, Masters Student, Université Laval
  • Claude Durocher, Masters Student, Université Laval
  • Dr. Jamie Stephen, Postdoctoral Fellow, Queens University & Managing Director at TorchLight Bioresources
  • Representative of Greenfield Ethanol (tbd)
  • Representative of FPInnovations (tbd)

Room C: Current activities and future development of integrated thermal biorefineries (Task Force)
Chair: Dr. Jean-Michel Lavoie, Professor, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnological Engineering Dept, Université de Sherbrooke

  • Clément Villemont, PhD Candidate, UQTR: Vision La Tuque 2023 – Knowledge transfer in a social acceptance vision of a major forest integrated biorefinery project
  • David Lynch, General Manager, Research and Development, Enerkem
  • Dr. Goretty Dias, Professor, University of Waterloo: Life cycle sustainability considerations for pyrolysis bioenergy systems
  • Mike Hart, President and CEO of Sierra Energy

Lunch: 12:00 am – 1 :15 pm

Breakouts: 1:15-2:30 pm

Room D: Carbon pricing and fuel standards: the role of biofuels
Chair: Dr. Grace Skogstad, Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science, University of Toronto

  • Julia Bognar, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto: An Indirect Target? Low Carbon Fuel Standards as a Policy Instrument Supporting Advanced Biofuels
  • Dr. Suzanne Goldberg, Director of Research and Outreach, Simon Fraser University & Senior Partner at Navius Research Inc:  Analyzing the low-carbon fuel standard: how it can work with other policies to increase biofuel uptake
  • Doug Hooper,  Director of Policy and Regulations Advanced Biofuels Canada & Partner, Waterfall Group: Carbon Pricing Schemes in Canada: why lowering transportation fuel emissions will require other solutions
  • Dr. Marty Luckert, Professor, University of Alberta: Economic Impacts of Renewable Fuel  Standards vs. Carbon Taxes in Canada
  • Michael Rensing, Director, Low Carbon Fuels, BC Government

Room C: Enhancing microbes / enzymes to make biofuels
Chair: Dr. Jack Saddler, Professor, Dept. of Wood Science, University of British Columbia

  • Dr. Richard Chandra, Research Associate, University of British Columbia
  • Dr. Jin Dai, Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Alberta:  Combining Endoglucanase and Xylanase for the Co-production of Ethanol and Cellulose Nanocrystals from Wood Pulp
  • Francois Zasieczny, PhD Candidate, École Polytechnique de Montréal: Development of a methodology for the conversion of pulp and paper mills into wood biorefineries
  • Dr. Jinguang Hu, Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia: Better understanding enzyme/substrate interaction: Enhancing biomass deconstruction or fiber modification

Room AB: Growing our fuel
Chair: Dr. Naresh V Thevathasan, Adjunct Faculty, School of Environmental Sciences, University of Guelph

  • Dr. Andrew Gordon, Professor, University of Guelph & Dr. Waseem Ashiq, Post-doctoral fellow, University of Guelph
  • Mr. Francis Gallo, Project Director, Biomass North
  • Dr. Timothy A. Volk, Senior Research Associate, Department of Forest and Natural Resource Management, State University of New York
  • Dr. Rachel Murdy, Quality and Process Development Manager,  IGPC Ethanol Inc., Aylmer, Ontario: Opportunities and challenges associated with production of cellulosic ethanol in Ontario

Coffee:  2:30-3:00 pm

Breakouts: 3:00-4:15 pm

Room D: Engineering the green supply chain
Chair: Warren Mabee, Canada Research Chair in Renewable Energy Development and Implementation, Queen’s University

  • Dr. Luc  LeBel, Professor, Université Laval: Logistics solutions for sustainable procurement of biomass for biofuels production
  • David  Zamar, Graduate Student, University of British Columbia: Logistics of Valorization of Low Quality Sawmill Residues from Coastal BC Forests – A Case Study
  • Dr. Saeed  Ghafghazi, Postdoctoral fellow, University of British Columbia: Logging residue supply for bioenergy production in Coastal BC: cost and quality management through depot
  • Pierre-Olivier Lemire, Ph.D. Candidate, UQTR: Transition of the Bécancour Waterfront Industrial Park to a Bio-Industrial Park – Supply Chain and Operations 
  • Dr. Mahmood Ebadian, Postdoctoral fellow, University of British Columbia: Evaluation of the corn stover logistics system for the cellulosic sugar plant in Sarnia

Room AB: Pyrolysis: research progress and industrial initiatives  
Chair: Dr. Nicolas  Abatzoglou, Professor, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnological Engineering Dept, Université de Sherbrooke.

  • Dr. Fernado Preto, Executive Director at Canadian Bioenergy Association
  • Dr. Franco Berruti, Professor, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Western University
  • Dr. Jasmin Blanchard, Postdoctoral fellow, Université de Sherbrooke
  • Mr. Marco Tomasi Morgano, PhD, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT): Production and Conditioning of Wood Pyrolysis Oil from a Screw Reactor with integrated Hot Gas Filtration     

Room C: Running on biofuels: advances in engines and combustion

Co-Chairs: Dr. Bob Koch, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Alberta & Dr. Ming Zheng, Professor and Director of the Clean Combustion Engine Laboratory

  • Dr. Ming Zheng, Professor and Director of the Clean Combustion Engine Laboratory, University of Windsor: Biofuel Combustion Improvement with Ignition Control
  • Prasad Divekar, PhD Candidate, University of Windsor: Improved Control in Biofuel Engine Combustion
  • Jimi Tjong, Manager / Technical Leader at Ford Motor Company: Biofuel for Future Automotive Vehicles

Dinner at the top of Grouse Mountain: 6 pm

July 8th, 2016 (Day 2)

Plenary: 8:30-9:45 am

Delivering on Canada’s climate policy goals: Is the potential role of biofuels recognized? (Policy Task Force)
Chair: Warren Mabee, Canada Research Chair in Renewable Energy Development and Implementation, Queen’s University

  • Dr. Anne-Hélène Mathey, Senior Economist, Policy, Economics and Industry Branch, Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada
  • Ian Bruce, Director of Science and Policy, David Suzuki Foundation
  • Andrea Kent, President, Renewable Industries Canada (formerly Canadian Renewable Fuels Association)
  • Marie-Hélène Labrie, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs and Communications, Enerkem
  • Dr. Susan Wood-Bohm, Executive Director, Greenhouse Gas Management Program, Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions & Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation

Poster session and coffee: 9:45-10:45 am

Breakouts: 10:45-12:00 pm

Room AB: Revamping pulp and paper mills (Integrated Biological Biorefinery Task Force)
Chair: Dr. Jack Saddler, Professor, Dept. of Wood Science, University of British Columbia

  • Paul Bicho, Scientist, Canfor Pulp Limited Partnership
  • Mike Rushton,  ‎Chief Operating Officer, Fibria Innovations
  • Gurminder Minhas,  Managing Director, Performance BioFilaments
  • Jeff Tolan, Senior Advisor, Process Development, Iogen: Iogen’s experience with Raizen’s commercial plant producing ethanol from sugar cane bagasse

Room D: The elephant(s) in the room:  What is the greatest limiting factor to animating biomass feedstock supply chains in Canada? (Low-Cost Sustainable Feedstock Task Force)
Chair: Dr. Kevin Vessey, Professor, Biology Dept., Saint Mary’s University

  • Jean Roberge, Director General, GreenField Ethanol
  • Paul Richards,  regional manager for Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley and South Shore, Innovacorp
  • Warren Mabee, Canada Research Chair in Renewable Energy Development and Implementation, Queen’s University
  • Paul Adams, Governmental Liaison & Technical Advisor, Altentech Power Inc.

Room C: Environmental risks and rewards of biofuels: life cycle assessment, economic and social analyses
Chair: Dr. Joann Whalen, Professor, Natural Resource Science, McGill University

  • Annie Levasseur, Researcher, scientific coordinator at CIRAIG, Department of Chemical Engineering, École Polytechnique de Montréal: Environmental and economic assessment to guide a more sustainable development of biofuel pathways in Canada   
  • Massimo Collotta, Queens University, Postdoc. Environmental, economic and social impact factors in Canada’s biofuel sector: a review analysis
  • Yuhao Nie, Master’s student, University of British Columbia: Life cycle greenhouse emissions of potential bio-jet fuel production from hydrothermal liquefaction of forest residues in British Columbia
  • Dr. Mahmood Ebadian, Post-doctoral fellow, University of British Columbia: Economic and social benefits of a corn stover bioeconomy in the USA          

Lunch:  12:00 pm – 1:15 pm

Breakouts: 1:15-2:30 pm

Room AB: Breaking new ground: conversion technologies for future fuels
Chair: Dr. David Bressler, Professor, Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science, University of Alberta

  • Pascale Champagne, Department of Civil Engineering & Department of Chemical Engineering, Queens University: Production of biomass-derived bio-jet fuel through the use of hydroxymethylfurfural intermediate and novel catalysts
  • Dr. Jamie Stephen, Postdoctoral Fellow, Queens University & Managing Director at TorchLight Bioresources Inc: Delivering on Policy Priorities: Aligning Technology Development with Government Goals
  • Roberto Armenta,  ‎Chief Scientist – Director of R&D, MARA Renewables Corporation
  • Jean Roberge, Vice President Renewable Energy Strategies, Greenfield Ethanol: Breaking New Ground: Conversion Technologies for Future Fuels

Room C: Your waste, my fuel
Chair: Mark Lefsrud, Professor, Bioresource Engineering, McGill University

  • David Lynch, General Manager, Research and Development. Enerkem: Biofuels from waste: A new opportunity to mitigate climate change across the waste and transportation sectors
  • Dr. Fahimeh Yazdanpanah. Research Fellow, UBC. Study of Oxygen Depletion in Storage of Wood Pellets 
  • Chengyong Zhu, PhD Candidate, University of Alberta. Removal and recovery of heavy metals from biosolids treated by thermal hydrolysis
  • Dr. Julie Barrette. PDF, Natural Resources Canada: How variable is the feedstock from degraded trees and mill residues for bioenergy production?

Room D: Advances in gasification for Canada
Chair: Dr. Jean-Michel Lavoie, Professor, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnological Engineering Dept, Université de Sherbrooke

  • Edris Madadian, PhD Candidate, McGill University: Thermal analysis of pelletized composite fiber and plastic and slagging characterization during gasification
  • Dr. Ingrid Zamboni, Postdoctoral Fellow, Université de Sherbrooke (confirmed speaker): Activity and stability of steel wool for dry reforming of methane using realistic tail gas mixtures
  • Dr. Natalia Semigina, Assistant Professor, University of Alberta: Halide-free acetaldehyde route to biofuels from gasification syngas
  • Dr. Ehsan Oveisi, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia: Effects of fuel properties on tar formation in an industrial Gasifier
  • Dr. Sandeep Badoga, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Saskatchewan: Pelletization study of promoted iron/CNT catalyst for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: influence of different pellet shapes and binder loading

Coffee: 2:30-3:00 pm

Plenary: 3:00-4:15 pm

Sympiosum summary and highlights
Chair: John Marrone, Executive Director, BioFuelNet