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Talk Energy Week

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BioFuelNet (BFN) is proud to have supported and participated in the annual national energy awareness week, Talk Energy Week. This is an initiative of the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation.

Speaker Series across Canada

Energy awareness events have been organized at high schools across the country and BFN Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP)/grad students are participating as panelists at each location. The objective is to enhance energy awareness and literacy among grade 11 and 12 students to contribute to a sustainable energy future. Many thanks to the HQP participating! BFN has also prepared educational kits about biofuels that will go out to teachers across the country.

See the 2016 Talk Energy Week speaker bios

See the 2016 Press Release

Educational infographics

BFN has released this series of educational infographics detailing various types of biofuels and conversion processes. These were sent across the country to grade 11/12 teachers as part of Talk Energy Week, so that their students can learn about biofuels.

 See the infographics here! See the French version here.


Talk Energy Week 2015

In 2015, Talk Energy Week held a speaker series in Calgary, Vancouver, Fredericton, Winnipeg and Ottawa from February 21-28, and over 450 students participated.

We’d also like to thank BFN HQP who spoke to Grade 10-11 students across Canada: Michael Chae, from University of Alberta, Garret Munch, from University of Manitoba, William Cadham from UBC, and Abtin Shakiba who just graduated from the University of Ottawa. BFN thanks you for representing our network across Canada!

Michael Chae (BioFuelNet Program Manager, Biorefining Conversions and Fermentation Laboratory, University of Alberta) was filmed as he discussed biofuels at Let’s Talk Energy Week. Check out the video here (skip to 38:00 for Michael).

BioFuelNet release biofuels infographics for Talk Energy Week

18 February 2015. What are biofuels? What are advanced biofuels? What are they made from? How are they produced? All these questions are meticulously answered in this series of educational infographics released by BioFuelNet Canada. See press release here>>