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Becoming an industry collaborator & staying ahead of the game with BioFuelNet Canada

First and foremost, each industrial partnership inevitably begins with a series of questions. Whether you, as an industry player, approach BioFuelNet Canada  (BFN) directly or indirectly through an existing relationship with a network investigator, you are seeking solutions to problems that you are unequipped to answer yourself.

Current industry collaboratorslook and see who has already contributed BFN’s research program

BioFuelNet Canada has all the partnership incentives necessary to answer your inquiries:

Industry is increasingly turning to universities and networks, like BFN, to realize economic benefit. Partnerships with academia deliver practical solutions which boost productivity and spur innovation. The commercialization of Canadian innovation in biofuel technology, a major component of BFN’s mission, will be forged by strong partnerships with industry players and associations.

Other partners who may be considered are Canadian-based venture capital firms who are capable of acting more broadly as a catalyst for commercialization, or by investing in an R&D company in anticipation of developing the capacity to undertake commercial activity.

Industry gets access to the best minds and talent, universities get funding and validation by commercial receptors, and society thrives by possessing a sustainable advanced biofuel economy. It’s a balancing act in which everyone has a shot at winning.

To learn more about the BFN’s Partnership Program and how BFN may help your organization, please contact:

George Mahmourides, PhD, MBA. (Manager, Business DevelopmentOffice. 514-508-2884 x. 830

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