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Becoming an industry collaborator & staying ahead of the game with BioFuelNet Canada

First and foremost, each industrial partnership inevitably begins with a series of questions. Whether you, as an industry player, approach BioFuelNet Canada  (BFN) directly or indirectly through an existing relationship with a network investigator, you are seeking solutions to problems that you are unequipped to answer yourself.

Current industry collaboratorslook and see who has already contributed BFN’s research program

BioFuelNet Canada has all the partnership incentives necessary to answer your inquiries:

Industry is increasingly turning to universities and networks, like BFN, to realize economic benefit. Partnerships with academia deliver practical solutions which boost productivity and spur innovation. The commercialization of Canadian innovation in biofuel technology, a major component of BFN’s mission, will be forged by strong partnerships with industry players and associations.

Other partners who may be considered are Canadian-based venture capital firms who are capable of acting more broadly as a catalyst for commercialization, or by investing in an R&D company in anticipation of developing the capacity to undertake commercial activity.

Industry gets access to the best minds and talent, universities get funding and validation by commercial receptors, and society thrives by possessing a sustainable advanced biofuel economy. It’s a balancing act in which everyone has a shot at winning.

To learn more about the BFN’s Partnership Program and how BFN may help your organization, please contact:

George Mahmourides, PhD, MBA. (Manager, Business DevelopmentOffice. 514-508-2884 x. 830

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Our Industry Members

Abengoa Canada
ABRI-Tech Inc.
Acadian Seaplants Ltd
Aduro Energy
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Agroénergie
Air Canada
Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions
Alberta Innovates Technology Futures (AITF)
Alberta Pacific Forest Industries Inc.
Algaeneers Inc.
Allweather Farming Inc.
Aurel Systems Inc.
Bayview Flowers
BC Ministry of Forestry
Bio Forextra
Biofueltech Corporation
Bombardier Aerospace
BP Biofuel Global Technology Centre Brais, Malouin & Associates Inc.
CEATI International
Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec Centre de recherche sur les grains (CEROM) Cestoil Chemical Inc
City of Edmonton
City of Saskatoon
CNH Saskatoon
Comité des entreprises et organismes du Parc industriel et portuaire de Bécancour (CEOP)
Covello Family Farm
CQVB Network (Conseil Quebecois de la Valorisation des Biotechnologies) ( RMC)
CRB Innovations
Department of Natural Resources, Newfoundland and Labrador (DNR-NL)
Department of Natural Resources, NS DGMSSC- Department of National Defense Domtar (Windsor)
DuPont Canada
EAJV Technology Inc.
ECM Engine Control and Monitoring Ecole forestière de Latuque
Ensyn Technologies
Environment Canada
Epcor Water Service Inc.
Fasken Martineau
Fédération des coopératives forestières du Québec
Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd.
Forêt d’Enseignement et de Recherche Maillot
Forge Hydrocarbons Inc.
Fraunhofer Center for Chemical-Biotechnological Processes CBP
GreenField Inc
GreenField Speacilty Alcohols Haliburton Forest Inc.
Howe Sound Pulp and Paper Corporation Hydro-Québec
ICM Inc.
IEA Bioenergy Task 39/NREL
IGPC ethanol Inc.
Inocucor Technologies Inc.
Institut de l’environnement du développement durable et de l’économie circulaire (Institut EDDEC)
Iogen Corp.
Junex Inc.
Kruger inc.
La Coop fédérée
Lafarge Cement
Lallemand Inc
LG Granule
Maverick Synfuels
Michigan state university
Mount Sinai Hospital, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute
Nanaimo Forest Products Ltd.
National Renewable Energy Laboratory National Research Council of Canada
Natural Resources Canada – Canadian Forest Service
Natural Resources Canada-Canadian Wood Fibre Centre
Natural Resources Canada-CanmetENERGY Nature’s Crops International
Nile Fiber Canada Inc
Ontario Biomass Producers Association Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) Ontario Power Generation
Petrolia Inc.
Pfizer Montréal
Pinnacle Renewable energy Inc.
Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute Pyrovac Inc.
Resolute Forest Products
Richardson Milling Ltd.
Richter LLP
Rio Tinto Alcan
Roll Royce Canada
Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission
Sealander Waterworks
Siemens Canada Limited
Société du Parc Industriel et Portuaire de Bécancour (SPIPB)
Solar Turbines, Inc.
Sopnema Canada
Standard-Bio Inc
Steeper Energy Canada
Stein Industries
Suncor Energy
Sustainable Development Technology Canada
Timberwest Forest Group
Trojan Technologies
Trottier Energy Institute
University of California-Center for Science, Technology, Medicine & Society
University of Tennessee
UQTR (Fondation)
Urban Barns
Utilities Kingston
Valen Scientific
Ville de LaTuque
Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
Waterfall Group
Wood Pellet Association of Canada