BFN & Biotech Annecto Event Popup


It has become abundantly clear that the dedicated support of the investment community is the strongest driver in for the innovation agenda. To facilitate the innovation process within BioFuelNet Canada (BFN), early-stage investment institutions across Canada have been contacted and have been explained BFN’s vision and mission. Doing so has allowed BFN to identify a network of financiers who are supportive of the biofuel/bioproduct agenda.

BFN encourages start-ups, industry and entrepreneurs to approach this network of BFN friendly-investment organizations to seek their counsel and to pitch their stories. The members of this investment community will be invited to attend BFN’s Advanced Biofuels Symposium and the Strategic Business Summit to meet the network with all the other stakeholders. BFN may also assist in assessing technology risk related to potential investment. BFN is also tracking investment activities in the cleantech space in North America to better understand the global appetite of this community.

There are other many collaborative ways wherein both BFN and this investment network may accelerate commercialization and foster the growth of a thriving bio-economy that is socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. Let’s all play a role in improving Canada’s innovation track record!

So far, BFN is pleased to announce that it has signed Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with the following early-stage venture capital organizations:

Investment pace so far

as of April 2017