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BioFuelNet focuses on solving the major bottlenecks under the main elements of the biofuel production chain through the following four research themes:

  • Feedstocks, examining the source of the material used to create the biofuels; the ultimate limitation on how much biofuel can be produced;
  • Conversion, conducting research into the manufacture of fuels and the current major impediment to efficient and cost effective fuel production from non-food biomass;
  • Utilization, focused on the performance of advanced biofuels in engines, including power generation, effects on engine performance and emissions; and
  • Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability (SEES), informing the full production chain regarding broader aspects of sustainability.

These themes are distributed across Canada through four regional platforms: West, Central, Prairies and East. The four regional platforms and four research themes form a matrix structure, and provide a unifying coherence to BioFuelNet’s research program.

The figure below illustrates how the four themes and regional platforms intersect. The interactions between the themes and platforms are intended to catalyze creativity and innovation in BioFuelNet’s research. BioFuelNet supports theme and platform leaders to maximize the interactions among the elements of this research grid.

The structure of BioFuelNet’s research program