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Project 9 - Assessment of diversity in cell wall components and CesA/Csl genes in wheat residues to enhance their use in cellulosic biofuel
Project 11 - Gasification of BC Lodgepole Pine BIomass Integrated with CO2 Capture
Project 12 - Superheated steam pre-treatment of biomass
Project 13 - Gasification tail gas reforming
Project 15 - Development of new catalysts for selective oxidation of acrolein to acrylic acid
Project 18 - Enhancing Nitrogen Use Efficiency
Project 19 - Emission Performance and Catalytic Combustion of Fuel Blended with 3-OH Methyl Esters
Project 20 - Engine efficiency improvement for biofuels in low temperature combustion application
Project 21 - Assessment of waste water algae for feedstock production
Project 22 - Improved fractionation and pretreatment of biomass for fuels and bioproducts
Project 26 - Conversion of 3-hydroxy fatty acids into value-added hydrocarbons
Project 27 - Non-homogeneous biomass conversion to biofuels complemented with high strength recyclable copolymers
Project 28 - Supplying heterotrophic/mixotrophic algae derived fuels & coproducts production systems with sugars hydrolysates of cheap and locally available carbon sources.
Project 29 - Harvest and Post Harvest Densification
Project 30 - Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis (FTS) of liquid biofuels from reformed biogas, synthesis gas and bio-oils
Project 31 - Optimization of neutral lipid (TAGs) and bio-plastic (mcl-PHA) production including scale-up strategies.
Project 32 - Combined steam treatment for the extraction of lipids out of algal biomass in parallel with conversion of residual forest and agricultural biomass
Project 33 - Microbial production of neutral lipids and 3-hydroxy fatty acids for biofuels and bioproducts from low cost feedstocks.
Project 34 - Experimental determination of the burning properties of novel biofuels with 3-OH methyl esters: Gasification process and flame speeds
Project 35 - Bio-syndiesel and alcohol production from synthesis gas
Project 36 - Genetic Analysis of Bioenergy Crops for Enhanced Lignocellulosic Biomass Feedstock Characteristics
Project 37 - Upgrading of bio-oil from agricultural, forest residue and municipal solid wastes to fuels and chemicals, and Production of fermentable sugars from lignocellulosic biomass using subcritical and supercritical water treatment and their enzymatic conversion to bioethanol and biobutanol
Project 39 - Rational Metabolic Engineering of Yeasts for Fuels and Co-Products
Project 40 - Quality of Newfoundland Forest/ Mill Residues: Compositional and Physical Changes and Resulting Bio-oil and Biochar
Project 42 - Characterization and use of microbial biofuels for high efficiency HCCI engines
Project 43 - High-Pressure Combustion Properties of Biofuels for Aviation
Project 44 - Bioscrubbing CO2 using microalgae in residual wastewaters from biofuel industries
Project 45 - Development of advanced yeast production platforms
Project 47 - Biofuel Combustion for Advanced Stationary Gas Turbine Engines
Project 48 - Method development for efficient, low cost extraction of oils from microalgae and oleaginous yeasts, and mcl-PHAs from bacteria
Project 49 - Establishing sustainable biomass supply chains from natural disturbances in Canadian boreal forests
Project 50 - Pathways for the timely and sustainable implementation of biofuel and bio-products manufacturing by the Canadian forestry
Project 52 - Assessing priority feedstocks for Canadian biorefining pathways
Project 53 - Bioalcohols evaluation in a direct-injection spark ignition engine
Project 54 - Engineering S. cerevisiae as a platform strain for inhibitor tolerance and C-6 chemical production from cellulosic feedstocks
Project 55 - Improving the fermentation of mixed sugars in lignocellulosic hydrolysates by native pentose-fermenting yeasts
Project 57 - Metabolic Engineering of yeast For Production of Advanced Biofuels and Chemicals
Project 58 - Hydrogen production by alkaline aqueous reforming
Project 59 - Techno-economic assessment and process modeling of superheated steam processed lignocellulosic biomass for pellet production
Project 60 - Designer co-culture optimisation for consolidated processing of lignocellulosic biomass
Project 61 - TREES: Tools for Remediation and Efficient Energy Supply
Project 63 - Utilization of plant growth promoting microorganisms to stimulate the growth of biomass feedstocks (Populus, Salix and cereal crop residues).
Project 64 - Analysis and optimization of mobile pyrolysis processing system using forestry residues
Project 65 - Feedstock densification and logistics (focus on Western feedstock)
Project 67 - Hydro-liquefaction of high-water-content biomass and waste materials into high quality biocrude & Hydro-de-oxygenation of bio-crude/bio-oil for the production of advanced bio-fuels with internal hydrogen generated from aqueous waste stream
Project 69 - Pyrolysis production of bio-oils for high-value products and fuels from agricultural, forestry residues and MSW
Project 70 - Catalytic pyrolysis of bio-oils for high-value products and fuels from agricultural, forestry residues and MSW
Project 71 - Purification, conditioning and blending of pyrolysis bio-oils for integration with conventional petroleum fuels
Project 72 - Co-Pyrolysis of biomasses, waste plastics and heavy oils
Project 73 - Separation of Chemicals
Project 74 - Upgrading of Pyrolysis Bio-Oil Using Red Mud Mining Waste as a Catalyst
Project 75 - Fermentation of the carbohydrate-rich aqueous fraction of bio-oils derived from biomass pyrolysis for hydrogen production.
Project 76 - Densification of biomass and logistics
Project 78 - Evaluation of the combination of biochar and microbe to plant signals as mechanisms to minimize the effects of stress on feedstock crop growth
Project 83 - The supply and sustainability of forestry feedstocks
Project 84 - Ecosystem Goods and Services Analyses of Biomass-based Biorefineries
Project 86 - Compositional differences in different willow genotypes growing in contrasting environments
Project 87 - Evaluating new biofertilizers from the gasification and pyrolysis platforms
Project 90 - Effects of phytohormones in algae and genetic engineering of algae for biofuel production
Project 91 - Assessing priority utilization pathways for Canadian biorefining technologies
Project 92 - Knowledge translation – Positioning biofuel R&D for enhanced use in policy, regulation, practice and commercialization
Project 97 - Economic and environmental impact of bioenergy production in Canada
Project 98 - Assessing priority conversion technologies for Canadian biorefining pathways
Project 99 - Optimizing yeast for Pentose Fermentation through Systems Biology