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Training & Education

Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP)

HQP are the future of the biofuels industry and they are an important priority within BioFuelNet. The biofuels and bioproducts industries are likely to experience sizeable growth over the course of the coming decades, much like the fossil fuel sector grew through the 20th century.  A large number of highly trained experts will be required if this emerging industry is to succeed.  BioFuelNet will serve to train and establish a larger number of young professionals who will carry the Canadian development of these emerging sectors to their full extent.

If you are interested in conducting research for BioFuelNet as a graduate student or post-doc, please contact the Project Leader.

Specific Activities Available to HQP

  • HQP Training Workshops
  • Graduate courses on biofuels issues
  • HQP Exchange Program
  • HQP Travel Awards
  • Scientific Conferences
  • Advanced Biofuels Symposium / Annual General Meeting
  • Internship Program

The HQP training the objectives of the network

  • Provide training in research and development skills across the full breadth of BioFuelNet activities.
  • Provide professional skills, training and career development opportunities across BioFuelNet to ensure trainees are in demand.
  • Provide networking opportunities among platforms, projects, industrial and government partners.
  • Provide funding opportunities for scientific research and development activities in academic, government, NGO, and private organizations, both nationally and internationally.
  • Provide opportunities for community outreach.
  • Provide leadership opportunities across all elements of BioFuelNet.
  • Provide opportunities for exposure to all steps in the process of biofuel production and use, with an emphasis on economic, social, and ethical implications.
  • Attract the best and brightest HQP, both within Canada and internationally, and create various opportunities to retain these students in academic, industrial or government aspects of the Canadian biofuels and bioproducts sector.