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Reimbursement procedure (exchanges)

In order to obtain your reimbursement, please do the following after your exchange is over:


1. Carefully read the HQP Exchange Policy

2. Fill in ONLY the highlighted sections in the McGill Claimant Form (download here)

3. Fill in the Travel Award Detailed Expenses Excel Sheet (download here). Number your receipts.

4. Sign the HQP Exchange Approval Letter (previously sent to you if your application was accepted)

5. Send your Claim Package, which includes the following:

  • Original receipts (scanned copies are not accepted)

An electronic receipt can be provided for hotels,flights and event registration fees instead of the original, as long as the e-copy shows the payment has been processed (balance to zero).

Boarding passes or passenger ticket copy, e-ticket or travel agency invoice must include all of the following information: passenger name, airline and flight #, date of flight, origin and destination, as well as proof of payment. The claimant must advise BFN with justification if they do not book a direct flight (multiple unrelated stops).

Taxi receipts (original copy), must include the destination and point of origin.

If you use your own car, we will not reimburse your gas receipts, but will reimburse your mileage in kilometres at the standard McGill rate. The destination and point of origin specific addresses must be provided.

Housing and meals are collectively reimbursed at a per-diem rate of $100 per day (receipts are therefore not required)

  • The McGill Claimant form
  • The Travel Award Detailed Expenses sheet: Information for each receipt must be provided in the excel sheet
  • The signed Travel Award letter

Attn: Attn: Veroushka Eugene / BioFuelNet
355, Peel Street, Suite 201,
H3C 2G9, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Once we receive your Claim Package, we will process it and send it to McGill for review and approval. Please note that processing through McGill can take some time, so we encourage HQPs to send their Claim Package as soon as possible to prevent reimbursement delay.

*Please note that you must have fulfilled all the requirements (blog, social media, presentation or poster) in order to have your reimbursement processed.

A cheque will be sent to the address provided in the McGill Claimant form, we do not make transfers.



HQP Exchange Policy