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Requirements (exchange)

HQP must agree to participate in the following activities to receive their grant:

1. Write a 700-800 word article (in French or English) about their exchange and seek publication in external public media bringing visibility to BFN (e.g. newspaper, school magazine/paper, local paper, BFN blog post etc.)

IMPORTANT: Please see the writing guidelines when writing your blog post

2. Post bi-weekly (2 times per week) posts on social media for at least the length of the internship. You may post on BFN’s Twitter using  @BioFuelNet and #HQP2016, or on BFN’s Facebook wall. E.g. You can post a photo and a short sentence or two about what you are doing that day on your exchange.

3. Have a LinkedIn account and connect with BFN

4. Present overview of BFN to receptor (if exchange is external)

What to send us:

  • Your blog article in Microsoft Word Format accompanied by relevant photos/images
  • A headshot of yourself (to be posted next to your namewhen blog is published)

*Send by email no later than 30 days after your exchange to: (and copy


Reimbursement Procedure

HQP Exchange Policy