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HQP Travel Awards

Applications for participation at an event taking place after March 31st 2017 will NOT be accepted.

Highly Qualified Professionals (HQP) whose research is currently funded by BioFuelNet can apply for travel awards. The HQP Travel Award supports the participation of HQP at BFN meetings and workshops, as well as other biofuels-related conferences that are international in scope. Additionally, HQP may also apply for a travel award for training, workshops, competitions or projects.

BFN-funded graduate students (Masters and PhD) and post-doctoral fellows may apply for travel awards. Unfortunately, undergraduate students may not receive HQP travel awards at this time. As funds for the travel awards are limited, not all applicants will receive an award.

  • The HQP applicant must be presenting a poster or talk about his BFN-funded research to qualify (exceptions can be made depending on the circumstances, and additional info will need to be provided).
  • The HQP should be registered for the event prior to applying, and book their own hotel and travel.

After the event, travel expenses will then be reimbursed up to:

  • 500$ for travel within a Canadian province
  • 1000$ for travel outside of a Canadian province
  • 1500$ for international travel

For all other applications:

How to Apply

  • Register on the member portal: (*select “HQP” as your category)
  • Access HQP forms here ( or through the top menu under forms and select HQP Travel Award
  • Click New Travel Award, fill out the form and submit your application
  • Once you submit your application, your supervisor will receive an email requesting approval through the member portal
  • BFN will then get back to you shortly

Please note:

  • HQP must apply for the travel award at least 30 days before the conference.
  • If the award is approved by BFN, HQP must submit their receipts for reimbursement no later than 30 days after the conference.
  • The HQP must complete certain requirements in order to be reimbursed.


Reimbursement Procedure

Travel Award Policy