BFN & Biotech Annecto Event Popup


The following requirements must be completed in order to receive your reimbursement for your travel expenses:

1. BFN must be referenced in your presentation and/or poster. Please use the BFN logo and the phrase“This research is funded by BioFuelNet Canada, a network focusing on the development of advanced biofuels. BioFuelNet is a member of the Networks of Centres of Excellence of Canada program. Website:”.

2. Have a LinkedIn account and be connected to BFN’s LinkedIn (mandatory).

3. 500-700 word article (in English or French)  to be submitted to BFN no later than 30 days after the conference, to be posted on our blog with your name and photo.  HQP can also elect to submit a short video, high-quality photography or an infographic instead of a blog post (or may suggest another multimedia idea to BFN). BFN will share the link on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. BFN reserves final editorial approval over all social media content.

**IMPORTANT: Please see the writing guidelines when writing your blog post

What to send us:

  • Your blog article in Microsoft Word Format accompanied by relevant photos/images
  • A headshot of yourself (to be posted next to your name when blog is published)

*Send no later than 30 days after your exchange by email to: (and copy


Reimbursement Procedure

Travel Award Policy