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Twitter Contest

BioFuelNet organized  a Twitter contest in order to get our researchers and grad students thinking about how they communicate science to the general public. This contest is related to the theme of BioFuelNet’s HQP Workshop: IMPROV-ing Science Communication, which took place on July 22nd.

Every scientist and grad student has been asked by a friend or family member, “So what do you do?”. This was a opportunity for our biofuels scientists to tell the world about their passion, and to learn about using social media for science communications!

Top Tweets

Winner: Vijai Sookrah ‏@vsookrah 

@BioFuelNet I study the combustion of wood pyrolysis liquid #biofuels, so we can generate electricity from waste biomass #Shift2Biofuels15

Evelyne Thiffault ‏@ethiffault 

Turning unloved woods from Canada’s forests into desirable biofuels feedstocks @BioFuelNet #Shift2Biofuels15

Racha C. Ibrahim ‏@racha_c_1 

@BioFuelNet I feed enzymes steamed or chemically baked yard waste to produce delicious sugars for fuelling cars & goodies #Shift2Biofuels15

Ryan Yongsheng ‏@wowharyan

@BioFuelNet I investigate how to convert tomato plant wastes into liquid fuels via hydrothermal liquefaction and HDO.#Shift2Biofuels15

Jun Sian Lee ‏@junsianlee 

I study optimal loading conditions for durability in the transportation of wood pellets in the event of rain @BioFuelNet #Shift2Biofuels15

François Zasieczny ‏@FZasiecz 

@BioFuelNet I study the potential collaboration between pulp mills and chemical companies to develop local bioclusters #Shift2Biofuels15

Alireza Talebi ‏@alirezatalebi80 

Identify and compare the importance of risk factors in conventional and advanced feedstock companies. @BioFuelNet #Shift2Biofuels15

Michael George ‏@GeorgeMngeorge 

@BioFuelNet Fuel&Car parts from HEMP? YES! Enzymes+Hemp = sugars+refined fibres = fermentation and composites, respectively! #Shift2Biofuels15

Emily Peters ‏@epetes28 

@BioFuelNet #Shift2Biofuels15 1 non-native perennial grass + 9 growth-promoter treatments → new low-input 2nd gen. biofuel crop for NS.

Osariemen ‏@o_oogbeide26 

@BioFuelNet I work on supercritical fluid extraction of lipids from microalgae for biodiesel production #Shift2Biofuels15


Contest Rules

1) Use your current Twitter account, or create a Twitter account here if you don’t already have one:

2) Follow BioFuelNet on Twitter (click “follow”):

3) Explain the essence of your research and what you do in 140 characters and use handle @BioFuelNet and the hashtag #Shift2Biofuels15

Example 1: I study yeasts from the guts of wood-boring beetles, which can convert paper mill wastes into biofuels @BioFuelNet #Shift2Biofuels15

Example 2: @BioFuelNet, I’m turning your poop from the sewage treatment plant into biofuels using microalgae fed with recycled CO2 #Shift2Biofuels15

4) In the reply section to your Tweet, add a link to your scientific research. This can be your research web page or an abstract about your work.


Tweets will be judged based on:

  • the number of favorites
  • the numbers of retweets (RT)
  • general creativity
  • originality
  • relevance to the work of the researcher


150$ gift certificate from Amazon

Contest deadline (extended): July 31st 2015.